St Albans Food & Drink Festival at the WHT

The St Albans Food & Drink Festival starts this Friday, 1st October.

As part of the festival the WHT will be having a special week of food starting Monday 4th October until Saturday 9th October.

This week we will be launching our WHT Homemade Pies on our Specials Menu. The pies will be from various regions of the country, as well as some traditional and classic recipes, including Steak & Kidney, Cock-a-Leekie and many others.

 The pies will then run all winter long on our menu with many variations week by week.

In addition to the pies we will also be offering our homemade curries on the menu for the week. With classics such as Lamb Jalfrezi and Thai Green Chicken Curry on offer.

Come in and try one of our specialities as part of St Albans Food & Drink Festival.


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